August 21, 2014Homeowners find relief from heat with evaporative coolersToday’s models are energy efficient, quiet and built to avoid rustBattlement Mesa homeowner Michelle Foster had two small air conditioning units mounted in the walls of her living room and bedroom. “They really did a terrible job of cooling. I had to supplement them with six

Energy- and money-saving tips for homeowners and rentersHome energy assessmentsIt makes financial sense to decrease energy use – and the best way to get started is with house call. Learn MoreGet your house ready for winterFall is the perfect time to make improvements that will quickly pay for themselves in saved energy costs. Learn MoreRifle

Four Smart Steps to a Cool HomeIf your home feels like a toaster on hot summer days, follow these four steps to achieve cool comfort.Step 1: Insulation and air sealingStep 2: Ventilation fansStep 3: Energy efficient lightingStep 4: Cooling system upgradeStep 1: Insulation and air sealingWe usually think of insulation to help conserve heat in