Improve your building’s efficiency and your business bottom line

GCE offers free energy consulting to Garfield County businesses

Garfield Clean Energy provides free energy consulting services to business and commercial property owners in Garfield County. Our goal is to help your business save energy and save money.

Energy inefficiency can eat into profits, reduce employee productivity and cost customers. GCE has helped over 350 businesses insulate their buildings, replace old heating systems, upgrade lighting and more, resulting in average savings of over $2,500 a year. Our energy coaches work with retail businesses, offices, industrial facilities, hotels, apartment buildings, churches, even farms and ranches.

Says Ken Murphy of Glenwood Adventure Co., who replaced old fluorescent lighting with LEDs: “If I’d known it would be this easy, I would have done it years ago.”

Our free services include:

  • An on-site building energy walk-through with a professional facility energy manager (see below).
  • A detailed written energy action plan that prioritizes projects and calculates paybacks.
  • Contractor referrals and bid analysis.
  • Access to rebates and incentives that can help stretch your project dollars.

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If you have questions, contact us at (970) 704-9200, ext. 3, or

Start with a free building walk-through

A building walk-through is an easy, no-risk first step in deciding how to proceed. A professional consultant will tour your facility with you to identify the best-bang-for-the-buck options for saving energy and money.

The walk-through usually takes about an hour. The consultant will provide a written report of recommendations for energy upgrades, which you can then discuss with an energy coach. It's all free when you enroll.

Take advantage of utility rebates

Utility rebates can literally knock thousands of dollars off the cost of a commercial energy-efficiency upgrade. That can make an otherwise unaffordable project worth doing, and might even prompt you to consider adding in other items from your wish list.

There's a wide variety of rebates, and they depend on who your utility providers are, so discuss your options with building specialist Heidi McCullough ( before you start penciling out your budget.

For reference, here’s a chart summarizing rebates available to Garfield County businesses

Glenwood Springs Electric customers

Glenwood Springs Electric has its own rebate program, which is administered by CLEER (the same organization that runs Garfield Clean Energy's programs) - see this page for details.

But again, talk to building specialist Heidi McCullough ( to get the full rundown of rebates and incentives you might qualify for.

Need a contractor?

Use our Contractor Locator to find qualified local contractors that provide the services you’re looking for.

Need project financing?

The Colorado Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) program offers commercial property owners the opportunity to spread the costs of energy and water projects over a term of up to 20 years. More info here.

See what other businesses have done

To get ideas of what's possible, peruse our commercial energy project case studies.