Take advantage of rebates that save water and money (and energy too!)

New in 2023, the City of Glenwood Springs Water and Wastewater Departments are providing water conservation incentive rebates in conjunction with the State of Colorado on many products you have in your home to promote replacement of old appliances and fixtures with high-efficient WaterSense and Energy Star products. 

If your water is provided by the City of Glenwood Springs, you can receive rebates to help reduce the cost of qualifying upgrades and purchases such as:

  • Faucets, showerheads and toilets
  • Clothes washers and dishwashers
  • Hot water heaters
  • Sprinkler system equipment
  • Replacement of irrigated turf with water-smart landscaping (see sidebar)

Rebate guidelines and forms

This flyer summarizes the rebates available through this program. It's strongly recommended that you review the full program guidelines before purchasing products or committing to projects to make sure they qualify.

Please choose the application that applies to your situation:

Questions? Contact one of our energy coaches via email or call 970-704-9200.

High water bills? If you've got a lawn, consider these options.

Lawns are expensive to keep watered in our climate. Not only that, they impose extra demand on the Colorado River and on our local water systems.

The best way to lower your watering costs and footprint is to remove some or all of your lawn. Our Irrigated Landscape Buyback rebate will pay residential Glenwood Water customers $2 per square foot of irrigated, established, non-native lawn that they remove and replace with water-smart landscaping, up to 1,000 square feet.

This program has a number of special requirements and a separate application form. Be sure to consult the program guidelines and book a site visit with the City of Glenwood Springs staff (Lynne Springer: lynne.springer@cogs.us, 970-384-6440) prior to removal of turf. A post-removal visit will also be required.

If you're not ready to rip up turf, you can still save a lot of water by making your irrigation system more efficient. We recommend starting with an irrigation audit performed by a certified professional, who will be able to recommend the best bang-for-the-buck measures. The audit, along with a variety of water-efficient parts purchases, qualify for cash back under Glenwood Springs' water rebate program.

Why save water?

While this rebate program is designed primarily to reduce water use, it will also save residents on their gas and electric bills and lower our city’s water and wastewater plants' carbon footprint. 

If you are heating less water thanks to an efficient shower head, you are saving electricity or gas at the same time.  If you are flushing less water down the drain, then our water plant and wastewater plants are using less electricity and gas to produce and treat that water. 

According to the EPA, on a national scale, if every home in the United States installed WaterSense-labeled showerheads, we could save more than $2.9 billion in water bills and more than 260 billion gallons of water annually. In addition, we could avoid about $2.5 billion in energy costs for heating water, which would lower all our carbon footprints.  This data is from the EPA on showerheads alone!