Solar power is no longer just for the wealthy. Many households can actually save money by going solar nowadays, thanks to steadily falling prices. So increasingly, the question is no longer whether to go solar, but how: rooftop or community solar?

Improve your building’s efficiency and your business bottom lineGCE offers free energy consulting to Garfield County businessesGarfield Clean Energy provides free energy consulting services to business and commercial property owners in Garfield County. Our goal is to help your business save energy and save money.Energy inefficiency can eat into profits, reduce employee productivity and cost

Financial assistance for low-income households and seniors(Scroll down for information on how to get help if you’re having trouble paying your utility bills.)Free energy upgrades for low-income households and seniorsHouseholds in Garfield County within certain income ranges, as well as seniors on Social Security, qualify for FREE home energy-efficiency upgrades.Two very similar programs operate in