Glenwood Springs Electric offers great rebates and free energy coaching

Glenwood Springs Electric is offering a great new lineup of rebates on energy-saving measures for 2022. Take advantage of this opportunity to save money on improvements that will make your home or business more comfortable, lower your utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint!

Plus, Glenwood Springs Electric customers can get free energy coaching through Garfield Clean Energy. Our coaches can help you navigate the rebate options, find out if you qualify for additional financial aid, and connect you with qualified contractors and financing.

Here are just a few of the rebates available (see this flyer for the full list):

Heat pump heating/cooling/hot water systems

Get up to $4,000 off the price of a heat pump system. Heat pumps can provide both heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer, or domestic hot water. They’re more efficient and cost less to run than conventional gas appliances, and they cause fewer emissions that contribute to climate change.

Air sealing and insulation

Don’t waste money heating and cooling the outdoors – seal up those leaks and add insulation to make your home more efficient! A home energy assessment for the discounted price of $190 will show you where the leaks are, and then Glenwood Electric will pay 25% of the project cost up to $500 ($1,000 for all-electric homes).

LED lighting

Haven’t switched over to LEDs yet? Do it now, and get a 50% rebate. This one simple change can save you hundreds of dollars a year on electricity.


E-bikes are a sweet deal, combining the environmental advantages of electric vehicles with the low cost and health benefits of biking. And Glenwood Springs Electric will pay you $200 to buy one!


Want more information? This flyer summarizes Glenwood Electric’s 2022 rebate program. For technical specs on exactly what qualifies for rebates, see the full program guidelines.

Commercial customer?

Business owners, Glenwood Springs Electric has got some great deals for you too. Start with a free building walk-through to identify potential savings. Projects that generate electric savings qualify for 25% of costs up to $5,000. Additionally, LED lighting projects can get an extra $2,500 off through MEAN, the utility’s wholesale provider. Sign up here.

Low or moderate income?

Residential customers who meet certain income requirements can qualify for substantial additional financial aid through the new ReEnergize Garfield County program. Even households earning $100,000+ a year may qualify for some assistance! Learn more here.