Take advantage of EV tax credits and rebatesLow- to moderate-income buyers: Xcel Energy is now offering amazing rebates on new and used vehicles! See below for more info.The federal tax creditThe federal tax credit on EV purchases is subject to a number of variables. Yes, you could get the maximum $7,500, but only if you

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Electric Vehicle Charging 101Charging LevelsEVSE is an a widely used industry acronym that stands for Electric Vehicle Service Equipment. An EVSE is any smart device that dispenses electric charge to the vehicle. It may be wall-mounted or free-standing, and includes one or more cords with special connectors that plug into the vehicle. EVSEs fall into

About Electric VehiclesBattery-powered electric cars and trucks are making a return to the world stage as concerns about health, sustainability and climate change have shifted market interest to low-carbon transportation.Electric vehicles (EVs) are a rapidly expanding market, and will play an important role in reducing emissions and fostering energy independence.Moreover, electric vehicles are fun to