Energy Consulting for Member GovernmentsGarfield Clean Energy member governments lead by example, making clean energy investments to improve operations and save taxpayer dollars.Member governments also benefit from custom energy consulting with CLEER’s team of experts in energy efficiency, facility management and renewable energy.Services provided to member governments include:Annual energy reviews with facility managers and decision-makers.Policies

SolSmart for Garfield Clean Energy member governmentsSolSmart is a national designation program recognizing cities, counties and regional organizations that foster the development of local solar markets. The goal of SolSmart is to make it faster, easier and more affordable to go solar, while helping local governments bring new business to their community, promote economic growth

Local Government Solar Arrays in Garfield CountyGarfield Clean Energy member governmentsTown of Parachute22.9 kilowatts at 3 facilitiesTown Hall: 9.7 kW, 2010Water Treatment Plant: 9.6 kW, 2010I-70 Rest Area Solar Flowers: 3.6 kW, 2010City of Rifle2,775 kilowatts at 13 facilitiesWater Treatment Plant pump station: 600 kW, 2008Wastewater Treatment Plant: 1,720 kW, 2009 (largest government array in

Renewable Energy in Garfield CountyGarfield Clean Energy member governments prove the point with solar energyGarfield County enjoys a climate with more than 300 sunny days per year. The local government members of Garfield Clean Energy and other local governments are employing that clean energy from the sun to generate electricity and reduce utility costs.These government-owned