No, this is not a clickbait story! Some Xcel commercial customers really are saving serious coin on their electricity bills after acting on advice in our previous article about a recent rate change.AsContinue Reading
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Garfield Clean Energy is making waves with a new program to help low- and moderate-income households lower their utility bills and make their homes healthier and more comfortable.ReEnergize Garfield County launched in FebruaryContinue Reading
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Ah fall, when a homeowner’s fancy turns to thoughts of winter heating bills. But with a few tweaks and upgrades – aided by some helpful local energy-efficiency programs and rebates – you shouldContinue Reading
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A major new study finds huge potential to expand solar energy in the region, and proposes a detailed action plan to do so.According to the study, community-scale solar in Garfield, Eagle and PitkinContinue Reading
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