March 27, 2015LED fixtures put Rifle Creek Museum in a new lightReplacement of old ceiling lights brightens museum’s collectionsRich Carter, left, and Cecil Waldron, board members of the Rifle Creek Museum, look at some of the artifacts in the “country store” section of the museum. New LED lighting makes the details of the display very

Commercial success storiesAll in for all-electricA Glenwood Springs nonprofit is proceeding with a bold plan – full-building electrification with onsite solar – and the savings are looking positively mouth-watering. Learn MoreEfficiency “triple whammy”A commercial energy audit provided a menu of immediate cost-saving fixes, measures that could be incorporated into renovations, and additional opportunities. Learn MoreEfficient,

Four Smart Steps to a Cool HomeIf your home feels like a toaster on hot summer days, follow these four steps to achieve cool comfort.Step 1: Insulation and air sealingStep 2: Ventilation fansStep 3: Energy efficient lightingStep 4: Cooling system upgradeStep 1: Insulation and air sealingWe usually think of insulation to help conserve heat in