Consumer alert: some rebates ending Dec. 31

If you’ve been meaning to make energy-efficiency improvements to your home or business, now would be a good time to get on it – not only because winter is coming, but also because a couple of rebate opportunities are due to end on Dec. 31.

First, the Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE) has announced that it will no longer issue rebates on projects in the Garfield County portion of the Roaring Fork Valley after the end of this year. 

These residential and commercial rebates typically cover 25% of project costs up to a set amount, which can be a huge help. CORE stresses that projects completed in 2020 will still qualify for the funding so long as the rebate application has been approved before Dec. 31.

Garfield Clean Energy provides free energy coaching and other services in Garfield County, and will continue to do so. But the loss of CORE rebates will mean less financial incentive to invest in energy efficiency projects in the Glenwood to Carbondale corridor.

Meanwhile, Black Hills Energy natural gas business customers have until Dec. 31 to take advantage of a 50% incentive bonus on energy efficiency projects. Black Hills offers rebates on a range of efficiency upgrades through its Small Business Direct Install Program, and for this limited time they’re upping awards by 50%.

For more information about these and other rebates, please contact GCE energy coach Maisa Metcalf.