Quarterly, Annual and Multi-Year Progress Reports

Prepared by CLEER: Clean Energy Economy for the Region

Quarterly, annual and multi-year reports update the public and member governments on Garfield Clean Energy's progress in these areas:

  • Residential energy efficiency
  • Residential Revolving Loan Fund
  • CARE program for income-qualified households
  • Commercial energy efficiency
  • Renewable energy advocacy and solar output
  • Active energy management services for GCE member governments
  • Transportation, including Ride Garfield County
  • Clean energy policy development
  • Events, workshops and community outreach
  • Publicity, marketing and media coverage

Quarterly and Annual Reports

2019: 2019 Annual

2018: 2018 Annual

2017: 2017 Annual

2016: 2016 Annual

2015: 2015 Annual

2014: 2014 Annual

2013: 2013 Annual

Multi-Year Progress Reports