May 2020

Let’s build clean energy into the recovery

As we start to emerge from the lockdown, all thoughts turn to planning for the long work of recovery.

Garfield Clean Energy stands to be an important player in the local coronavirus response, because clean energy investment creates exactly what we need more of: economic stimulus during the recovery period, and resilience over the long term. In fact, those goals are built into GCE’s mission.

Since 2010, GCE has helped add $42 million to the local economy in the form of solar and energy-efficiency projects and other infrastructure, while sending work to some 350 local contractors and suppliers. The efficiency measures alone are saving Garfield County residents, businesses and local governments $2.4 million a year on their energy bills. Read more...

The case for electric vehicles

Why buy an electric vehicle? Watch this cool two-minute video and you’ll be sold! The footage is from the popular Experience Electric event that GCE and CLEER hosted in Grand Junction in early March. (Thanks to Joel Dyar of Western Colorado Alliance for the vid.)

By the way, Garfield County dealerships are are now officially open again, and the screaming EV deals detailed on our website are still in effect. This is actually a great time to buy an EV if you have the means.

Program helps those on reduced income lower their utility bills

These are tough times for many in Garfield County. Those who have lost income are scrambling to cut expenses. When it comes to energy bills, we can help.

If you’re a senior or on a reduced income, sign up for the CARE (Colorado’s Affordable Residential Energy) program, which provides free or discounted home energy upgrades to income-qualified households. Home inspections are currently on hold due to coronavirus restrictions, but enrolling now will set you up for getting the work done as soon as it’s allowed (possibly as early as mid-May).

CARE can be a real game-changer for families that are struggling with high heating and cooling bills. While temporary emergency assistance certainly helps, the idea of the CARE program is to address the underlying cause of high bills – energy inefficiency – and thus reduce energy use, and cost, permanently. Learn more here.

Saving energy while staying at home

Whether you’re working from home or just sheltering in place, you’re probably using more electricity than usual these days. This might be a good time to do some spring cleaning on the energy front! Our friends at Walking Mountains Sustainability and CORE have some suggestions:

Attention, Glenwood Springs Electric customers

Due to budget concerns caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the City of Glenwood Springs has suspended its Sustainability Program rebates for home and business energy improvements.

But don’t let that halt your plans. Glenwood Springs Electric customers may still qualify for rebates through MEAN (the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska, Glenwood Springs’ bulk electricity provider), Black Hills Energy and CORE (Community Office for Resource Efficiency). CORE also offers grants for innovative projects.

Unsure how to proceed? Our energy coaches can help you sift through the options. For details, see our residential and business pages.