Kitty Riley’s furnace started to fail last October – the worst time of year to try to get on an HVAC installer’s schedule. Little did she know that it would take until JanuaryContinue Reading
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Holy Cross Energy’s recent announcement that it’s restructuring its rates is a big deal – and not only for Holy Cross customers. It’s a leading indicator of major changes that are underway asContinue Reading
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The popular ReEnergize Garfield County program, which provides financial aid for home energy-efficiency upgrades, is back with a new rebate schedule that extends benefits to even more residents.Processing of applications for 2023 fundingContinue Reading
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Act fast to maximize the EV tax credit, and start planning your home’s energy makeover. Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which was signed into law last August, a host of newContinue Reading
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