Helpful Home Energy Efficiency Options for Income-Qualified Households

Households in Garfield County within certain income ranges may qualify for FREE home energy efficiency programs. These programs can help make your home more energy efficient so your utility bills will be lower.

Energy efficiency upgrades also make your home more comfortable. They'll eliminate drafts and cold spots, and keep your home cool in the hot summer months.

Northwest Colorado COG
Weatherization & Energy Program

  • Free home energy audit
  • Free weatherization, health and safety upgrades
  • Free furnace, boiler and appliance upgrades

Lower income limits to qualify

1 person, up to $ 24,120
2 people, up to $ 32,480
3 people, up to $ 40,840
4 people, up to $ 49,200
5 people, up to $ 57,560
6 people, up to $ 65,920
7 people, up to $ 74,280
8 people, up to $ 82,640

LEAP, TANF, OAP, SSI, SSDI, SNAP, AND recipients automatically qualify for NWCCOG’s weatherization services.

Get started here.

Colorado's Affordable Residential Energy Program for Garfield County

  • Free home energy visit
  • Free home energy efficiency upgrades

Higher family income limits allowed to qualify

  • 1 person, up to $44,080
  • 2 people, up to $50,320
  • 3 people, up to $56,640
  • 4 people, up to $62,880
  • 5 people, up to $67,920
  • 6 people, up to $72,960
  • 7 people, up to $78,000
  • 8 people, up to $83,040

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Garfield County residents get started here.

Residents of Pitkin, Eagle, Lake, Summit, Routt and Moffat counties, CLICK HERE to be directed to the CARE program serving your county.

Energy Outreach Colorado Assistance Programs

Need help now with paying overdue energy bills or a furnace break-down?

Energy Outreach Colorado is a statewide organization that helps income-qualified families deal with energy costs and heating system failures.

Get help paying your energy bills

Energy Outreach Colorado's Bill Payment Assistance Program can:

  • Provide a once-a-year payment to help you catch up on your utility bills
  • Provide a once-a-year payment to help you purchase a propane tank refill

Visit the Bill Payment Assistance Program website here, or call toll-free 1-866-HEAT-HELP / 1-(866) 432-8435

Get emergency help if your furnace goes out

Energy Outreach Colorado's Crisis Intervention Program can:

  • Repair a failed furnace or boiler
  • Replace a failed furnace or boiler that is beyond repair
  • Clear away snow so you can get a propane delivery

Visit the Crisis Intervention Program website here, or call toll-free 1-(855) 469-4328