Energy Consulting for Member Governments

Garfield Clean Energy member governments lead by example, making clean energy investments to improve operations and save taxpayer dollars.

Member governments also benefit from custom energy consulting with CLEER's team of experts in energy efficiency, facility management and renewable energy.

Services provided to member governments include:

Annual energy reviews with facility managers and decision-makers.

Policies for building operations that generate added savings.

Annual presentations to governing boards, highlighting past-year achievements and identifying priorities for future upgrades.

Assistance with securing rebates, grants and other incentives to stretch project dollars.

CLEER Energy Consultant Pete Waller, left, and Garfield County Facility Manager Frank Coberly at the Garfield County Administration Building in Rifle.
Photo by Kelley Cox.

The Building Energy Navigator website

Building Energy Navigator is an affordable portal for Garfield Clean Energy partners to track building energy use and solar production data.

Navigator’s live data service puts hourly, daily and weekly energy data directly into the hands of facility managers using dynamic chart options.

It uncovers energy use problems early on, and reports how buildings react to operational changes, weather and occupancy.

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Building Energy Navigator systems in Garfield County