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May 2022

Help plan Garfield County's energy future

Help plan Garfield County’s energy future GCE is teaming up with Xcel Energy and CLEER to update our countywide Energy Action Plan, and we’re looking for volunteers to help. The plan, last updated in 2017, sets countywide goals for increasing energy efficiency and renewable energy, and maps out steps for meeting the goals.

“Energy is the lifeblood of our society, and we’re in the process of literally transforming our entire energy system,” says Jason White, RFTA planner and GCE board chair. “So planning our energy future is as critical as planning, say, transportation or housing."

The process formally kicks off with the first of three planning sessions on May 11, and community members are invited to participate.. Read more...

Glenwood art center restoration includes energy efficiency

After standing idle for more than four years, the Glenwood Springs Community Art Center is coming back to life. Art classes and pottery nights have quietly resumed, and a grand opening is set for June 4.

Putting the old hydroelectric building back into service has been a major project for the City of Glenwood Springs – and Garfield Clean Energy has played a supporting role, advising on opportunities for incorporating energy efficiency into the restoration. Read more...

Start with a home energy assessment

With the cost of energy rising, it makes all the more sense to decrease energy use. Our job is to help you do that – and the best way to get started is with a home energy assessment.

A home energy assessment (or audit) is a comprehensive evaluation of your home's energy use by a professional home energy analyst. It will identify which measures are appropriate for your particular situation and which will provide the best bang for your buck. Read more...

Energy coaching tip: turn off the heat tape!

Snow season is over, so don’t forget to turn off your heat tape if you haven’t done so already. Besides reducing your emissions, you’ll save a ton of money – each 100 feet of heat tape operating 24/7 adds about $40-60 to your monthly electric bill. Read more...

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