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August 2022

GCE shares solar success with neighboring counties

Representatives of five counties gathered in Rifle June 24 for an all-day solar conference co-hosted by the Colorado Solar and Storage Association and GCE. They came away agreeing that a surge in large solar and storage projects is inevitable and that it represents an economic development opportunity for Western Slope communities if properly planned for.

“Two years ago this conversation probably would have been premature,” COSSA executive director Mike Kruger, told attendees. “Two years from now it will probably be too late. That’s why we’re having this conversation right now.” Read more...

ReEnergize funding helps Rifle family beat the heat and save money

Living in a poorly insulated home is a lose-lose situation: you pay extra to be uncomfortable. For many, the cost of fixing the problem may be beyond reach, but a new Garfield Clean Energy program is filling the affordability gap.

Diane Alexandersson and her husband Pete had endured discomfort in their Rifle home for decades. A free insulation upgrade – courtesy of ReEnergize Garfield County – brought a dramatic change. Says Diane: “It’s not sweltering hot in here, it’s nice. At night we can go to sleep and it doesn’t feel like a sauna!" Read more...

Garfield County Energy Action Plan aiming for 100% carbon-free electricity by 2030

The process of updating the Garfield County Energy Action Plan has highlighted some encouraging trends, hinted at some challenging ones, and generated renewed enthusiasm for setting more aggressive goals.

By far the most positive trend has been the faster-than-anticipated transition toward a clean electrical grid. The shift has been so dramatic, in fact, that the planning team is recommending a goal of making Garfield County’s electricity 100% carbon-free by 2030. Read more...

Bike to Work Day winner!

Maggie Guinta of New Castle scored the grand prize this week in the 2022 BikeThere/Bike to Work Day drawing - a Magnum Cosmo S e-bike. Pictured with her is Dave Iverson of Colorado E-Bikes of Glenwood Springs, who donated the bike (✋ Dave!).

Maggie says she plans to use her new e-bike to make local trips and to do longer rides along the Glenwood Canyon and Rio Grande trails. Congrats also to Melissa Bak and Jennifer Balmes, who won gift certificates to Defiance Cyclery, and Wayne Garcia, who won a half-day river trip with Defiance Rafting.

Energy coaching tip: keep the heat out

It's not just that the daytime highs are getting hotter – climate change is also making our overnight lows less cool. Especially at lower elevations, it's getting harder and harder to get by without AC or a swamp cooler.

If you don't have a cooling system in your home, your best course of action is to keep all windows closed and shaded all day, and only open them up in the evening when the outside air temp has dropped to where it's cooler than the air inside the house. Then open up as many windows as possible and place box fans in one or more windows, facing outwards to flush the hot air out. In the morning, close everything up again before warm air starts coming back in.

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