Get a new e-bike valued at $2,000 for $150. Yes, really!

eBikeThere Garfield County is a new program that helps reduce vehicle travel and pollution by making e-bikes more affordable to county residents.

The program is offering 40 new e-bikes to income-qualified residents at a highly discounted price. Successful applicants will be able to purchase either of two Magnum e-bike models for just $150. In addition, the bikes will come with a bike lock, pump, helmet, tune-up voucher and other accessories.

Program participants must meet income requirements (see sidebar), attend an in-person training session, and track their riding data. 

The application period for this program has closed.



Choose from these two models:

  • Magnum Cosmo S (retail value $1,999) – a great all-around bike for commuting, light shopping and recreational riding.

  • Magnum Payload (valued at $2,899) – a workhorse machine for those who need more carrying capacity on a daily basis for children, groceries, work equipment, tools, etc.

Who qualifies for eBikeThere?

Based on your household size, you qualify for eBikeThere if your annual household income is this amount or less:

These amounts correspond to 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) in Garfield County. 

Quantities are limited, so not all qualified applicants may be selected for the program. Priority will be given to those who live and work in the same community and are willing to switch from commuting by vehicle to commuting by e-bike in good weather.

Don't meet the income requirements?

These two local utilities offer rebates on e-bikes: 

  • Glenwood Springs Electric: Apply for a $200 rebate on our website using this form. (A lot of the questions pertain to home energy improvements, but just make sure to check the E-bikes box.)
  • Holy Cross Electric: Apply for a $50 rebate via the HCE website, where you'll also find a handy list of local retailers that sell e-bikes.

Why e-bike?

E-bikes combine the environmental advantages of electric vehicles with the low cost, fun and health benefits of biking.

An e-bike is a bicycle with a battery-powered "assist." When you pedal, a small motor engages and gives you a boost. That's a big help on hills, and it makes it easier and faster to commute or travel longer distances than on a regular bike. An e-bike is easy to park and can go places a regular vehicle can’t go, enabling you to avoid traffic.

An e-bike is much cheaper to operate than a vehicle. Charging the bike’s battery from a home outlet costs just pennies. Maintenance is relatively simple and there are few moving parts that might need repair.

Finally, e-bikes make life better for everyone in our community. They reduce traffic, produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions, completely eliminate tailpipe exhaust, and reduce our reliance on non-renewable fuels. Plus, they’re less dangerous to pedestrians and others sharing the road.

About eBikeThere

eBikeThere Garfield County is a program of CLEER (Clean Energy Economy for the Region), the nonprofit that manages the programs of Garfield Clean Energy. The program is intended to further GCE's goal of increasing clean mobility and reducing transportation emissions, as outlined in the 2023 Energy Action Plan.

eBikeThere Garfield County is funded through a grant from the Colorado Energy Office, with local matching funding provided by GCE. The program’s retail partner is Colorado e-Bikes of Glenwood Springs.