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Are you getting ready to put your home on the market? Is your home already listed?

More than 85 percent of home buyers say energy efficiency influences their purchase decision, according to a 2015 survey by the National Association of Home Builders.

What makes a home energy efficient? What’s most important to buyers?

  • Insulation in the attic, walls and crawl space or basement
  • Effective air sealing that blocks out cold air leaks
  • High-efficiency heating, cooling and hot water systems
  • LED lighting
  • ENERGY STAR appliances
  • High-efficiency windows and doors

Is your for-sale home already energy efficient? Get a Home Energy Score to prove it, and make that high score a selling point.

The assessment, done by a certified building analyst, will give you a Home Energy Score and a home energy efficiency report.

You and your REALTOR® can use the Home Energy Score to accurately fill out the Green Addendum fields of the MLS, so you can market your home’s energy efficiency features. A CLEER energy consultant will assist with reviewing the report and filling out the Green MLS Addendum fields. Download a copy of the Energy - Green Features Addendum here.

Is your for-sale home older and not very energy efficient? Is it drafty, cold in the winter, too hot in the summer? Are the utility bills high? Getting a FREE home energy assessment still makes sense.

You can make energy upgrades before putting the home on the market, and use those improvements as a selling point.

Or, you can provide the assessment to your buyers, so they can take advantage of local and state incentives to improve the home shortly after purchase.

The assessment, done by a certified building analyst, will give you a Home Energy Score and a home energy efficiency report.

How to get a home energy assessment
and Home Energy Score for your for-sale home.

  1. Contact CLEER to learn about signing up for a home assessment in your area of Garfield County. Cost of the assessment will depend on the home’s utility providers.

  2. Sign up for the assessment online or through CLEER.

  3. A BPI-certified home energy analyst will contact you to set up appointment. Pick a convenient time. The assessment will take 1 ½ to 2 hours. If possible, plan to be present for the assessment. It is a great learning opportunity.

  4. Receive the assessment report and Home Energy Score (HES).

  5. Contact CLEER to review the report and evaluate your options.

  6. Work with your REALTOR® to use the report and Home Energy Score to fill out the Green Features Addendum. This allows you and your REALTOR® to market the energy efficient features of the home.

  7. Does the home have a solar PV system? Make sure the information is available to the appraiser so the value of the system can be counted. (If available, request a Green-qualified appraiser.) Click here to download and fill out the Renewable Energy System Form. Fill it out and give to your appraiser.

  8. Use recommendations in the report to answer questions from potential buyers about energy efficiency or opportunities for rebates.

  9. CLEER can assist potential buyers with rebate and incentive information for upgrades if desired. Energy coaching is provided free by Garfield Clean Energy.
Cross section of an inefficient home Cross-section of an energy efficient home

Home improvement opportunities

  1. Low insulation levels
  2. Duct leakage
  3. Inefficient heat pump
  4. Incandescent light bulbs
  5. Inefficient appliances
  6. Gas tank water heater
  7. Inefficient furnace or boiler
  8. Combustion safety risks
  9. Inefficient cooling
  10. Disconnected ductwork

High performance energy efficient home

  1. R-49 or higher attic insulation
  2. Tight ductwork
  3. High-efficiency heat pump
  4. LED light bulbs
  5. ENERGY STAR appliances
  6. High-efficiency water heater
  7. High-efficiency furnace or boiler
  8. Combustion safety assurance
  9. High-efficiency cooling
  10. Insulated, tight ductwork

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Home Energy Score


Energy - Green Features Addendum form

Solar Photovoltaic System System form

Contact an Energy Consultant for guidance

Maisa Metcalf (se habla español)
(970) 704-9200 ext. 1101

Brandon Jones
(970) 704-9200 ext. 1103

Solar array on residence

Solar electric systems
add value to a home’s appraisal

If your client’s home has a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, make sure the appraiser has access to this information.

A green-qualified appraiser will know how to add the value of the solar system to the overall appraised value of the property.

Click here to download the Residential Solar Photovoltaic System form.

Work with the seller to obtain the information needed to fill out the form. Once complete, provide a copy to the appraiser.

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