Residential rebates for solar thermal / solar hot water systems

Holy Cross Energy has discontinued its rebate for solar domestic hot water systems as of Jan. 1, 2018.

CORE logoSolar Thermal rebate from CORE

  • Solar thermal installations: $1,500 per panel, up to $3,000

  • Solar thermal system tune-up: 25% up to $500
    Flush tank and collector, check thermostat and timer, check pump motor and controller, inspect pipe insulation, clean collector, check system pressure

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CORE service territory
CORE serves the Roaring Fork and Crystal River valleys, including the City of Glenwood Springs. CORE does not serve the Marble/Gunnison County area. CORE PV rebates are not available to Eagle County residents or to Xcel Energy electric customers.

Federal tax credits for solar hot water

These tax credits can be taken to offset your federal income tax paid in the year after you install a solar hot water system at your home.

  • 30% tax credit with no upper limit
  • Good for projects completed through Dec. 31, 2019
  • The credit decreases to 26% for tax year 2020 and decreases to 22% for tax year 2021. The tax credit is currently set to expire on Dec. 31, 2021.
  • Can be used for existing homes and new construction
  • Principal residences and second homes qualify.
  • Rental properties do not qualify.

More information on solar hot water tax credits at ENERGY

The same 30% federal tax credit can be applied to other renewable energy installations, including:

Energy StarVisit the ENERGY STAR tax credits page, where information on available federal tax credits is regularly updated.