Residential rebates for home insulation
and air sealing

Properly insulating and air-sealing your home can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs. It cuts off the drafts and makes your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Rebates for home insulation and air sealing vary depending on your utility provider. Look in the table below for links to information about home insulation rebates.

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Utility clean energy rebates

  • Can be combined with community clean energy bonus rebates (below) to make your upgrade more affordable.
  • Total rebate amount cannot exceed 50% of total project cost.

Black Hills Energy

Natural gas customers

Black Hills Energy

30% up to $300 for crawlspace, floor, wall and/or attic insulation, and for air sealing.

Click here for details.

Holy Cross Energy

All-electric customers only
Holy Cross Energy
30% up to $300 each for attic, floor and foundation projects;
30% up to $700 for wall insulation;
30% up to $400 for air sealing.
Only all-electric homes are eligible.
Click here for details about Holy Cross Energy's insulation rebates

Xcel Energy

Electric service and/or natural gas customers

Xcel Energy

Up to $200.

Click here for info on Xcel Energy home insulation rebate options.

Glenwood Springs Electric

Electric service, all-electric customers only


25% up to $500 for air sealing and/or insulation

Click here to apply for an insulation and air sealing rebate.

Community clean energy bonus rebates

  • Can be combined with utility rebates (above) to make your upgrade more affordable.
  • Total rebate amount cannot exceed 50% of total project cost.

Garfield Clean Energy

Western Garfield County residents, Parachute to New Castle & Canyon Creek

Garfield Clean Energy

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CORE's Energy Smart Colorado program

Roaring Fork Valley residents only, Aspen to Glenwood Springs


Energy Smart Colorado

A home energy assessment with a blower door test is required in advance.

  • Air sealing: 25% up to $500
  • Insulation: 25% up to $500, air sealing also required, insulation must meet R-value standards.

Other CORE rebates offered for ductwork insulation, crawlspace conversion (from unheated to heated space), and window replacement.

Click here to get started with CORE's Energy Smart Colorado program


Home energy calculator

Energy Star

Energy Star
Home Energy Yardstick

Online consumer guides


American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

Consumer Guide to Home Energy Efficiency Savings

ACEEE Consumer Guide to the Building Envelope: Walls, Attic, Basement, Doors and Windows

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Federal tax credit for home insulation

Federal tax credits for insulation expired on Dec. 31, 2013.