Improve your home’s efficiency and lower your bills

GCE offers free energy coaching to Garfield County homeowners and renters

Garfield Clean Energy has helped over 1,200 families from Parachute to Carbondale reduce their energy costs by as much as 25 percent. That equates to savings of up to $500 a year, based on the U.S. average!

The typical home loses energy through leaky windows and ducts, old appliances, and inefficient heating and lighting. Plugging those leaks is a one-time investment that will lower your utility bills for years to come.

Energy efficiency upgrades also make your home more comfortable. They'll eliminate drafts and cold spots, and keep your home cool in the hot summer months. 

Our energy coaches can help you make smart decisions about making energy efficiency upgrades to your home. Get free advice on:

  • The most cost-effective measures for your situation
  • Utility rebates to help lower your costs
  • Additional assistance for income-qualified households
  • Discounted professional home energy assessments
  • Low-interest financing
  • Local contractors who specialize in efficiency and solar projects

Get started today!

Or contact one of our energy coaches via email or call 970-704-9200.

Need financial assistance?

Households in Garfield County within certain income ranges may qualify for FREE home energy efficiency programs. Click here for info.

Take advantage of utility rebates

Most energy-efficiency projects qualify for decent utility rebates, which makes them all the more worth doing. However, the patchwork of rebates offered in our region is pretty complicated, so let one of our energy coaches guide you.

For reference, here’s a chart of rebates available to Garfield County residents. (Note that CORE has discontinued its rebates in Garfield County effective Jan. 1, 2021.)

Glenwood Springs Electric customers

Glenwood Springs Electric's rebate program is administered by CLEER (the same organization that runs Garfield Clean Energy's programs). Here's a downloadable flyer that lists all the rebates available to GWSE customers. 

We still recommend that you talk to one of our energy coaches to get the full rundown of rebates you qualify for, but if you already know what you want and just want to claim a rebate, here's the GWSE rebate form.

Start with a home energy assessment

A home energy assessment (or audit) is a great way to find out which energy-efficiency measures are appropriate for your situation – and which will provide the best bang for your buck.

As with almost everything, COVID has changed the way energy assessments are done these days. Before the pandemic, a home energy analyst would typically come to your home, evaluate your furnace, water heater, lighting and so on, and make a detailed list of recommendations. (See this blog post about the process.)

This is still an option, but utilities are trending toward offering cheaper/free “virtual” assessments done by video stream on your phone. In all cases, you’ll probably get some free LED bulbs and maybe a hot water blanket out of the deal.

Here’s a summary of what’s available through our Garfield County utilities:

  • Xcel Energy: Their Home Energy Squad program offers virtual ($25-50) and in-home ($150) assessments. You’ll get $25 back if you install the items yourself.
  • Holy Cross Energy: Virtual assessments only (for now), but they’re free. Schedule at 970-947-5473 or
  • Black Hills Energy: Free virtual assessment, and you’ll get $25 back for installing items. Start here.
  • Glenwood Springs Electric: They offer a $300 rebate on a full in-home assessment (which will probably cost $400+). You must schedule the assessment yourself with a BPI-certified analyst – see this list – and then apply for your rebate using this form.

Need more info? Contact one of our energy coaches.

Need a contractor?

Use our Contractor Locator to find qualified local contractors that provide the services you’re looking for.

Need project financing?

The Colorado RENU program offers low-cost, long-term financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements. More info here.