ReEnergize Garfield County is your one-stop-shop for home energy financial assistance

ReEnergize Garfield County is a program that helps low- and moderate-income households lower their utility bills and make their homes healthier and more comfortable.

ReEnergize provides financial aid for home energy improvements, specifically targeting middle-income homeowners and renters who previously didn't qualify for aid. In addition, the program refers lower-income enrollees to other state and federal funding sources they may be entitled to.

Qualifying households receive a free home energy assessment to identify the measures that will do the most good and save the most money, along with assistance on getting the maximum financial aid.

ReEnergize funding is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Measures that may be funded, subject to the home energy assessment, include:

  • Insulation & air sealing
  • Pipe & duct wrapping
  • Heating/cooling system upgrade
  • LED lighting
Questions? Email us or call us at 970-704-9200, ext. 2.
ReEnergize is a program of Garfield Clean Energy and is managed by CLEER.

Who qualifies for ReEnergize?

Based on your household size, you qualify for ReEnergize if your annual household income is this amount or less:

These amounts correspond to 150% of the Area Median Income (AMI) in Garfield County. Lower-income households (up to 80% AMI) typically receive 100% of the cost of recommended measures, with no maximum. For moderate-income households (80-150% AMI), the rebate maximum ranges from $2,000 to $4,000, depending on income.

Note: Households that have received ReEnergize funding in a previous year are not eligible to apply again.

Are you a renter?

Renters can qualify for ReEnergize, too! The only catch is that you must have your landlord complete this form, which says that they consent to having energy upgrades done to their property. It also releases the Northwest Colorado Council of Governments (the organization that does the work) from liability.

ReEnergize Garfield County is made possible by the following funders and program partners: