For electric vehicle buyers, Dec. 31 presents a deadline while 2021 offers choicesAs electric vehicles gain market share and popularity, Colorado consumers will have some tradeoffs to contend with. One such tradeoff presentsContinue Reading
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Chevy Bolt
Thinking of buying an electric vehicle? If so, it’s worth your while to start kicking tires asap. That’s because Colorado's "Innovative Motor Vehicle" income tax credit is set to decrease significantly in 2021.Continue Reading
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Those who’ve had one done will tell you: a home energy audit is one of the best deals ever.“It’s a low-cost thing and they usually do more than you expect,” enthuses Stan Hajenga,Continue Reading
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If you’ve been meaning to make energy-efficiency improvements to your home or business, now would be a good time to get on it – not only because winter is coming, but also becauseContinue Reading