Mission, vision and goals

Garfield Clean Energy Mission Statement

The mission of Garfield Clean Energy Collaborative is to provide energy efficiency solutions, alternative and renewable energy opportunities, advance clean transportation options, and energy education to individuals and organizations, in order to protect the environment and build a stronger, more resilient economy benefiting the residents of Garfield County.

Garfield Clean Energy vision statement

GCE will be an innovative leader in advancing energy efficiency, renewable energy and clean transportation to protect the environment and build a strong, resilient and diverse economy.

Garfield Clean Energy Goals*

Goal 1: Achieve energy efficiency and conservation savings resulting in at least 12 percent total energy savings by 2030 over a 2019 baseline, which will require an average of at least 1.5 percent total annual energy use reduction from 2023 through 2030. As technology and funding improves, work for increased total savings.

Goal 2: Garfield County electricity will be 100 percent carbon-free by 2030 through grid-supplied resources and local renewable installations, as a means to a stronger, more resilient and energy-secure economy and region.

Goal 3: The Garfield County region will transition at least 15 percent of all registered vehicles to zero-emissions electric by 2030; support alternative fuels where electric is not yet feasible or where alternative fuels are desirable; and help increase mode share for biking, walking, and transit.

Goal 4: The Garfield County region will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions related to energy supply by 30 percent by 2030. This includes reducing GHG emissions related to electric supply by 100 percent by 2030 and reducing GHG emissions related to natural gas usage as well as related to utilities’ commitment to cleaner delivery and supply by 10 percent by 2030.

Goal 5: Accelerate and harness the economic benefits of energy efficiency, clean energy, and clean mobility for the benefit of the residents and communities of Garfield County, and find ways to address any economic impacts of transitioning to clean energy.

* These goals come from the 2023 Energy Action Plan for Garfield County – more details here.

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Garfield Clean Energy Collaborative Bylaws, adopted Jan. 11, 2012.