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Shelley Kaup’s Hot Tip for September 2014

Air-sealing shuts down chilly drafts,
makes your home more comfortable

Shelley Kaup

Does your home have cold spots? Drafty corners or cold floors? Windows or doors that don’t close properly? Holes for plumbing or wiring? A chimney flue that isn’t sealed?

"If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, your comfort at home this winter will benefit from air-sealing,” says CLEER Energy Coach Shelley Kaup.

“Winter heating bills are high enough as it is. There’s no need to let that warmth flow out of your house through air leaks,” Kaup added.

That said, air leaks are often hard to see. Kaup recommends that households get a home energy assessment with a blower-door test and infrared camera. These on-site tests use a blower-door fan to reduce the air pressure inside the home. This increases the flow of outside air into the home, which is readily detected by the infrared camera.

The building energy analysts who conduct the home energy assessment are also qualified to do the work needed to air-seal your home, which involves a lot of crawling around using spray foam and a caulk gun. Air sealing can also be a do-it-yourself job.

“Even homes with plenty of insulation can have problems with air leaks,” Kaup said. “A complete air-sealing will maximize the effectiveness of your home’s insulation.”

Rebates are available for home energy assessments and for air-sealing jobs done by a professional. To get started, call a CLEER Energy Coach at (970) 704-9200, or visit

More info online:

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