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Matt Shmigelsky’s Hot Tip for August 2014

Heat pump system turns ambient heat
into usable hot water

Matt Shmigelsky

“If you are heating water with electricity or propane, or if you’re in a business that produces a lot of indoor heat, such as a restaurant or a laundry, you’ll want to take a look at a unique product I’ve found, the modular heat pump water heater by Nyle systems,” says CLEER Energy Coach Matt Shmigelsky.

“These are modular, plug-and-play units that take advantage of a free commodity. All that ambient heat building up in a kitchen or laundry or mechanical room is available to tap as an energy resource to reduce your hot water heating expense,” said Shmigelsky.

Shmigelsky discovered the heat pump water heater while researching hot water heating for the all-electric tiny home he is building in Carbondale. The Geyser heat pumps are made in Maine by Nyle Systems.

Nyle’s heat pumps offer attractive savings on the cost of hot water heating in a variety of businesses and facilities, such as restaurants, commercial-scale laundry facilities, dry cleaners, car washes, recreation center and school locker rooms, health spas and breweries.

The heat pump draws heat and humidity from the ambient air and supplies this heat into an existing hot water tank. The heat pump has a coefficient of performance (COP) of more than 2, meaning that every unit of electricity used to run the heat pump delivers at least two units of heated water the tank. The heat pump also cools and dehumidifies the ambient air.

Nyle Geyser heat pump water heater

The system also delivers energy and cost savings for households that are using electric or propane hot water heaters. Households and businesses may also find the use of this technology as a cost effective means of lowering their carbon footprint. It’s a viable alternative for switching from fossil fuel-based combustion for hot water to a renewably-generated electric water heating.

Manufacturers have started selling electric hot water heaters with a combined heat pump unit, in order to meet the federal government’s new ENERGY STAR criteria that will soon be taking effect.

“The Nyle system has the advantage of plugging into your existing hot water tanks,” Shmigelsky said.

Nyle manufactures the systems in various sizes for residential, commercial and industrial uses. It offers a separate line of heat pumps that can operate in temperatures as low as 0 degrees F.

“If you think this system could apply to your business or facility, get in touch and let’s talk,” Shmigelsky said.

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