Glenwood Springs Electric customers: take advantage of rebates and free energy coaching

Glenwood Springs Electric offers rebates on a number of energy-saving measures that will reduce your utility bills and make your home or business more efficient and more comfortable.

These rebates can significantly cut the cost of such upgrades and purchases as:

  • Air sealing and insulation
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Programmable thermostats
  • LED lighting
  • E-bikes
  • Commercial energy-saving projects

Plus, Glenwood Electric customers can get free energy coaching through Garfield Clean Energy. GCE’s coaches can help you navigate the rebate options, find out if you qualify for additional financial aid, and connect you with qualified contractors and financing.

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Or contact one of our energy coaches via email or call 970-704-9200.

Rebate guidelines and forms

This flyer summarizes Glenwood Electric’s current rebate program. For technical specs on exactly what qualifies for rebates, see the full program guidelines.

Make sure to review the guidelines before spending money on a big project. Some kinds of upgrades, such solar installations, require advance enrollment and a home energy assessment to qualify for the rebate. For other measures you can just purchase the item or have the work done, then apply for the rebate here:

Rebates are also available through MEAN (the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska, Glenwood Springs Electric's wholesale power provider) and Black Hills Energy (if you get your natural gas from them). But talk to one of our energy coaches first and they'll help you navigate the various rebate offerings.

Start with a home energy assessment

A home energy assessment (or audit) is a recommended first step before investing in upgrades. It will identify which measures are appropriate for your particular situation – and which will provide the best bang for your buck.

A home energy assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of your home's energy use by a professional home energy analyst. The analyst will perform a blower door test and thermal imaging to reveal where air is leaking in or out of the home, inspect your furnace and water heater, and test your indoor air quality for potential health and safety issues. (See this blog post about the process.) You’ll probably get some free “quick fix” items like LED bulbs, a programmable thermostat or hot water blanket, and afterwards you’ll get a written report listing other recommended measures.

If you earn less than 120% of the median income for our area, you qualify for a free home energy assessment through our ReEnergize Garfield County program. Visit the ReEnergize page to learn more and apply.

If you aren’t eligible for ReEnergize, you can get a home assessment through Energy Smart Colorado the enrollment form is hereThe cost is $190 for Glenwood Springs Electric customers.

Questions? Email us and one of our energy coaches will be happy to help.

Need financial assistance?

Households in Garfield County within certain income ranges may qualify for FREE home energy efficiency programs. Click here for info.