Partners in Energy action plan sets new countywide targets
for efficiency, renewable energy

Team of energy utilities,
Garfield Clean Energy starts action phase

May 4, 2017

A countywide planning effort to increase energy efficiency and clean energy in Garfield County has set new goals for a 20 percent increase in energy efficiency, along with obtaining 35 to 50 percent of electricity used countywide from renewable energy sources, all by 2030.

Partners in EnergyThe Energy Action Plan for Garfield County, published today, was developed by community stakeholders through Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy in collaboration with Garfield Clean Energy.
Holy Cross Energy, Black Hills Energy and Glenwood Springs Electric, which are the other energy utilities serving customers in Garfield County, also participated, as well as Garfield Clean Energy board members, citizens, clean energy businesses, Clean Energy Economy for the Region (CLEER), representatives from the Colorado River District, Colorado State University Extension, Alpine Bank, educational institutions, and the natural gas industry.

The plan builds on energy efficiency and clean energy targets first set in 2009 by Garfield Clean Energy, a governmental authority managed by CLEER that includes Garfield County, its six municipalities along with Roaring Fork Transportation Authority and Colorado Mountain College.

Garfield Clean Energy’s 2009 energy targets led to more than 700 households and businesses making energy upgrades in the years since, with savings on energy now running about $900,000 every year. The targets also spurred installation of more than 4 megawatts of solar energy across the county.

The new 20 percent energy efficiency target in the Energy Action Plan resets the clock from 2009, uses countywide energy consumption from 2015 as a new baseline, and places the new target date at 2030.

“This plan and the action steps we have agreed to take together are aimed at using energy efficiency and renewable energy to build and strengthen our economy,” said Bruce Leland, New Castle councilman and Garfield Clean Energy board member. “We believe there is something in this plan for everyone, and the benefits will be felt individually and countywide.”

“Partners in Energy brought together contractors, environmentalists, local utility companies, major employers and local elected officials to develop an energy plan that benefits our entire region, from low income families to major commercial interests,” said Katrina Byars, Carbondale Trustee and Garfield Clean Energy board member.

The plan targets new areas of focus, including outreach to the natural gas industry, marijuana growing facilities, farms and ranches, and church congregations, as well as building on existing programs that reach out to households, schools, businesses and governments.

“We see significant opportunities for new energy savings in these sectors and are pleased to be working with Garfield Clean Energy and partners throughout the county to achieve these goals,” said Kelly Flenniken, area manager, community and local government affairs, for Xcel Energy. “In addition, we are also seeing momentum to develop more renewable energy, particularly through solar installations and small-scale hydropower.”

Several initiatives are already under way, such as the Clean Innovative Energy Sources workshop held March 3 and the 2017 Energy Smart Contractor Expo held April 27. These and other opportunities identified in the Energy Action Plan will give people a chance over the next 18 months to get involved and help the county meet its goals.

The plan also calls for working with local government building departments to explore upgrading codes for greater energy efficiency in new construction, and working more broadly to improve statewide policies to encourage increases in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

In addition to developing the forward-leaning Energy Action Plan, the Partners in Energy process looked back to 2015 and tallied energy use in the residential and commercial sectors across all utilities in Garfield County for that year.

The Partners In Energy process found that utility customers across Garfield County consumed approximately 559 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, 21.3 million therms of natural gas, and spent $68.6 million on energy costs. In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, this annual energy use is nearly 278,000 metric tons of carbon equivalent, or about 58,700 passenger vehicles driven for one year.

Through Partners in Energy, Xcel Energy provides free services for communities in its Colorado service areas to develop customized energy plans and then assists with implementing those plans. To learn more about Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy, visit

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Energy Action Plan for Garfield County

2019 Partners in Energy Summary report (2 pgs, 4.8 MB)

Energy Action Plan for Garfield County (64 pgs, 3.2 MB)

Executive Summary Energy Action Plan for Garfield County (3 pgs, 185 KB)

Energy Action Plan for Garfield County - Implementation Memorandum of Understanding for Phase 2 (6 pgs, 50 KB)

Stakeholder process documents

Community Planning Workshop I
PowerPoint presentation

Aug. 11, 2016

Partners in Energy Stakeholders

Chris Allen, Climate Control Co.

Susan Alvillar, Terra Energy Partners

Rich Backe, Building Performance Contractors

Tom Baker, Town of New Castle

Christian Barraza, About Saving Heat

Jean Brown, New Castle Climate Action Committee

Katrina Byars, Town of Carbondale

Misty Darby, Black Hills Energy

Sarah Gruen, CORE

Keith Lambert, Rifle Civic Leader

Matt Hamilton, Aspen Skiing Company & Roaring Fork School District

Allyn Harvey, Former GCE Board Member

Kayla Hinkley, CSU Extension

Patrick Hunter, Carbondale Environment Board

Bruce Leland, Town of New Castle

Nathan Lindquist, Town City of Rifle

Richard Maestas, Colorado Mountain College

David Miller, Alpine Bank

Scott Mills, About Saving Heat

Mona Newton, CORE

Ken Olson, Sol Energy

Jim Pokrandt, Colorado River District

Katharine Rushton, Sunsense

Peter Rusin, Energy Smart Colorado

Denise Scherberle, New Castle Climate Action Committee

Zac Sutherland, Garfield County

Matt Thesing, One Source Lighting

Mary Wiener, Holy Cross Energy

Josh Williams, Garfield County

Pete Yang, Alpine Bank