E-bikes: zero-emissions vehicles that you get to ride

E-bikes are catching on fast, and are particularly well-suited to our active lifestyle on western Colorado. They combine the environmental advantages of electric vehicles with the low cost and health benefits of biking.

An e-bike is a bicycle with a battery-powered "assist." When you pedal, a small motor engages and gives you a boost. That's a big help on hills, and it makes it easier and faster to commute or travel longer distances than on a regular bike. Many e-bike owners find that they ride more, and drive less.

As with an electric vehicle, an e-bike has an onboard battery that you charge when not in use. The charger plugs into a regular electrical outlet, and a full charge will give you 35-50+ miles of assist (depending on a lot of variables). Assuming typical electricity rates, the cost of a charge is literally just a few pennies.

Great news for Holy Cross Electric customers! HCE now offers a $200 rebate on the purchase of a new e-bike – apply here. Their website also provides a list of local retailers that sell e-bikes.