Rebates available to Glenwood Springs Electric commercial customers

Glenwood Springs Electric offers rebates on a number of energy-efficiency measures through its Sustainability Program.

If you own a business, commercial property or multi-family residential complex and you’re a Glenwood Springs Electric customer, these rebates can cut the cost of such upgrades as:

  • Custom efficiency projects – these may include lighting, refrigeration, building cooling systems, insulation and air sealing, motors and motor controls, engine block timers, heat tape timers and more
  • Solar installations – systems up to 10KW are eligible
  • Engineering-grade assessment – advisable for buildings with large or complex mechanical systems
  • Retro-commissioning – may be advisable for mechanical systems and controls that need to be tuned up and configured for greater energy efficiency

We strongly encourage you to discuss your options with one of our consultants at the very beginning of the process. (See the sidebar/below about free building walk-throughs.)

Glenwood Springs Electric Department Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Rules

You may qualify for additional rebates through MEAN (Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska, Glenwood Springs’ new bulk electricity provider), Black Hills Energy and CORE (Community Office for Resource Efficiency). CORE also offers grants for innovative projects.

Start with a free building walk-through

CLEER Energy Consultant Pete Waller, left, and Garfield County Facility Manager Frank Coberly in the mechanical room at the Garfield County Administration Building in Rifle. Photo by Kelley Cox.

As long as you’re looking into rebates, consider having one of our professional facility energy managers do a walk-through of your business. It's free!

The consultant will walk through your facility with you to see what opportunities are present to save energy and save money, particularly for electrical energy.

A walk-through usually takes about an hour. The consultant will provide a written report of recommendations for energy upgrades.

Sign up here for your free walk-through, and receive other free consulting services along with it. If you have questions, contact us at (970) 704-9200 or

Glenwood Springs Electric's energy efficiency rebates are administered by CLEER (Clean Energy Economy for the Region), the nonprofit that also manages Garfield Clean Energy.