Free Building Walk-Through

An Energy Coach will walk through your facility with you to see what opportunities are present to save energy and save money, particularly for electrical energy.

A walk-through usually takes about an hour. The coach will provide a written report of recommendations for energy upgrades.

To schedule a walk-through of your business, commercial property or multi-family residential complex, contact an energy coach at (970) 704-9200 or

Contact an Energy Coach

Maisa Metcalf (se habla español)

(970) 704-9200 ext. 1101

Brandon Jones

(970) 704-9200 ext. 1103

Assessment and Retro-Commissioning

Engineering-Grade Assessment: For buildings with large or complex mechanical systems, your Energy Coach may recommend an engineering-grade building energy assessment.

A $500 rebate is offered for qualified engineering-grade assessments. Your Energy Coach will help you set this up.

Retro-Commissioning: For building mechanical systems and controls that need to be tuned up and configured for greater energy efficiency, your Energy Coach may recommend retro-commissioning.

A rebate of 25% of the project cost up to $2,000 is offered for qualified retro-commissioning. Your Energy Coach will help you set this up.

Custom efficiency upgrades

Rebates are available for a variety of measures that will increase electrical efficiency. Most measures yield additional benefits, such as improved light quality, increased comfort and reduced maintenance.

If your business has old T12, incandescent or high bay lighting, refrigeration equipment with old motors, old motor controls, or heat tape with no timers, now is the time to upgrade and start saving energy.

Glenwood Springs Electric’s 2019 rebate for such upgrades is 25 percent of project costs up to $5,000 per business, based on $0.02 per kWh in estimated savings over 10 years.

Example types of electrical energy efficiency projects

  • Lighting
  • Refrigeration
  • Building cooling systems
  • Building insulation and air sealing
  • Motors, motor controls
  • Engine block timers
  • Heat tape timers

Please contact an Energy Coach prior to starting your project to make sure the measures you choose qualify for a rebate.
(970) 704-9200 or

Rebates Summary Sheets

1-page summary of all Glenwood Springs Electric rebates for 2019

Download RULES for the Glenwood Springs Electric Commercial Efficiency Rebate here.