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Xcel Energy offers solutions for electric and natural gas business customers in a suite of energy efficient and energy management products that will help you increase your company’s energy efficiency, reduce your operating costs and improve your bottom line.

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Xcel offers cash rebates for purchasing and installing eligible energy-efficient equipment and mechanical system components. You’ll reduce energy costs and lower up-front equipment costs as well as shorten payback periods. Xcel also offers free consultation and recommissioning study funding.

Here is an overview of Xcel energy efficiency rebates for commercial customers, with links to pages on the Xcel website that offer details about each measure.

Explore the options online, and then call Xcel Energy's Business Energy Advisor. Pre-approval is required on some measures. Make sure you buy equipment that qualifies for Xcel rebates.

Complete list of Xcel Energy commercial custumer business programs and rebates.

Cooling Efficiency
New cooling equipment is at least 20% more efficient than units just 15 years old, and the most-efficient new units are up to 52% more efficient than the minimum-efficiency models. More info.

Heating Efficiency
Rebates for high-efficiency hot water boiler, furnaces, water heaters, pipe insulation, boiler tune-ups, steam trap replacements, outdoor air resets, modular burner controls and stack dampers. More info.

Lighting Efficiency
Rebates for high-efficiency lighting in new construction and existing building retrofits. Limited offer through Dec. 31, 2018, Xcel Colorado electric business customers can earn rebates of $10 to $175 per lamp or fixture when they upgrade T12 fluorescent systems to LEDs. More info.

Click here for info on the free lighting audit for small businesses (peak demand of 400 kW or less)

Motor and Drive Efficiency
Qualified high-efficiency motors or drives will reduce operating expenses without sacrificing reliability or productivity. Xcel rebates help offset the purchase price of new equipment. More info.

Complete list of Xcel Energy commercial custumer business programs and rebates.

Compressed Air Efficiency
Just a single 1/8” hole can cost you up to $2,000 in wasted energy costs each year. More info.

Data Center Efficiency
Boost ROI of your data management, better manage energy costs and improve reliability. More info.

Energy Analysis
Free online energy assessment, low-cost on-site energy assessment, and engineering assistance study options.
More info.

Lighting Efficiency
Funding for a lighting redesign study of an existing system. (Scroll down on Xcel page to "Additional Information" section. More info.

Process Efficiency
Integrate energy efficiency into your manufacturing or industrial business. More info.

Building Recommissioning
Save up to 20% on your building energy costs, improve the efficiency of your building systems and reduce your facility operations costs. More info.

Refrigeration Recommissioning
For grocery stores, large warehouse groceries and convenience stores. More info.

Custom Efficiency
Rebate amounts vary with the project’s energy savings, but the more electric or natural gas energy your project saves, the more rebate dollars you earn. More info.

Energy Efficient New Construction
Unique programs designed to fit the specific needs of business customers considering a new construction or major renovation project and work with your builders, contractors and architects. More info.

Energy Management Systems
Rebates help you automate energy intensive functions in order to power equipment only when needed. More info.

Complete list of Xcel Energy commercial custumer business programs and rebates.