Commercial rebates: Black Hills Energy

Black Hills EnergyBlack Hills Energy offers its business and commercial customers a variety
of rebate options for energy efficiency measures. 

Small Business Direct Install Program

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Standard rebate offers

Rebates offered for a wide variety of energy efficiency upgrades, including:

Natural gas water heating: Condensing water heaters, $200

Natural gas furnaces or boilers:

  • Commercial furnaces 94% efficient, $350
  • Commercial furnaces 96% efficient, $500
  • Infrared heating systems, $350

Setback thermostats, $100 for self-installed, $150 for professionally installed

High-efficiency natural gas cooking and commercial kitchen ventilation equipment (must meet efficiency standards)

  • Char-broiler, $1,100
  • Convection oven, $200
  • Conveyor oven, $900
  • Demand-controlled kitchen ventilation, $8,250
  • Fryer, $350
  • Griddle, $200
  • High-efficiency combination oven, $400
  • High-efficiency upright broiler, $800
  • Low-flow faucet aerators, $1 each
  • Low-flow pre-rinse spary valve, $54
  • Rotating rack oven, $1,500
  • Salamander broiler (infrared), $500
  • Steam cooker, $400

Driveway snowmelt, $1,200

Swimming pool covers, $0.75 per square foot up to $750

Boiler pipe insulation, $300

Infiltration control / weatherstripping, $0.50 per foot up to $150

New construction

Custom rebates that meet your needs.

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