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Free online
Energy Analysis toolkit

A starting point for finding ways to save on your energy bills. It’s an easy, interactive process that takes about 30 minutes -- and it’s free.


Garfield Clean Energy Challenge for Business

The Garfield Clean Energy Challenge for Business is offering free “energy coach” services for all participating businesses in Garfield County.

Garfield Clean Energy Coach

Get the most out of your commercial energy audit by joining the Clean Energy Challenge for Business.

  • Free energy coaching service
  • Free energy action plan
  • Assistance to help you connect with contractors and make the most of utility rebates

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Commercial energy audits: Xcel Energy

Online energy assessment

This is a quick starting point for finding ways to save on your energy bills. It’s an easy, interactive process that takes about 30 minutes, and it’s free. You can save the assessment and return later to finish, and you can assess multiple buildings. You'll get a written summary of recommendations at the end.

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On-site energy assessment

This is a comprehensive on-site energy audit by an energy engineer. It includes cost and savings estimates, Xcel Energy rebates and paybacks. This audit is valued at more than $1,800; you pay $300 or less, depending on building size.

Visit Xcel Energy's Business Energy Analysis webpage to read a sample energy assessment report and download the On-Site Energy Assessment application form.

Questions? Contact the Xcel Energy Business Solutions Center: bsc@XcelEnergy.com
call toll-free 1-800-481-4700, and ask for Leslie Stewart
Leslie Stewart direct line: (303) 571-7512

Engineering assistance study

This in-depth engineering study focuses on a major energy-conservation improvement that helps you build the project’s business case. Xcel Energy will fund up to 75 percent of the study costs not to exceed $25,000.

Visit Xcel Energy's Business Energy Analysis webpage to read the study options brochure or to download the Engineering Assistance Study pre-approval application form and rebate application form.

Energy-At-Risk Financial Analysis Tool

This financial modeling tool provides the information and support you need to green-light an energy-efficiency project within your organization. The tool is specially designed to quantify potential energy savings, which can translate into real dollars for your bottom line.
The metrics calculated include:

  • Simple payback periods
  • ROI
  • Break-even analysis
  • Opportunity cost of not doing the project

Each worksheet provides pros and cons of the individual financial metrics and the formulas used to calculate your project’s results. Visit the Energy-At-Risk Financial Analysis page to learn more about the benefits, take the training and see an example project.

Small business lighting assessment and rebates

The Small Business Lighting program offers rebates and special services for small and mid-sized business facilities that have peak demand of 400 kW or less. Small businesses receive a free, no-obligation lighting audit performed by Franklin Energy. The audit will:

  • Walk through your business and offer suggestions to cut costs and improve lighting
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities and recommend optimal lighting choices
  • Serve as a liaison between you and your vendor
  • Complete and submit your rebate paperwork

Visit Xcel Energy's Small Business Lighting web page for program brochure, lighting assessment application forms, qualified equipment lists, retrofit application forms, lighting worksheet and lighting industry fact sheets.