Commercial energy audits for Holy Cross Energy business customers

Holy Cross Energy offers its business customers
two energy audit options:

  • A complimentary limited-scope energy audit
  • A rebate to cover part of the cost of an ASHRAE Level II or III audit
Holy Cross Energy

Complimentary limited-scope audit

Holy Cross offers complimentary, limited-scope commercial energy assessments to help businesses discover ways to reduce electric usage. These audits are ideal for small business and commercial properties of less than 25,000 square feet.

The assessment last from one to two hours. It starts with the assessor reviewing usage history (with a report provided at the time of the assessment) to better understand the business's electrical use.

The energy assessor then does a walk-through with facility manager or owner to look for ways to reduce electrical use. The assessor also brings a selection of LED lightbulbs that may be sampled during the walk-through.

The assessor will advise on potential rebates for energy efficiency projects and will continue to be work with the business owner to answer questions while the business implements its energy efficiency upgrades.

To schedule your complimentary commercial energy assessment, please call (970) 945-0100.

ASHRAE Level II and III audits

Holy Cross will pay 50% of the cost of an ASHRAE Level II or III audit, up to $10,000. The audits are provided by a professional engineer.

Businesses and commercial properties larger than 30,000 square feet that are experiencing high energy bills, mechanical failures, or building automated system malfunctions are good candidates for an ASHRAE Level II or III audit.

  • ASHRAE Level II Energy Survey & Analysis: End-use breakdown, deatiled analysis, cost and savings for energy efficiency measures, operations and maintenance changes
  • ASHRAE Level III Detailed Survey & Analysis: Refined analysis, additional measurements, hourly simulation

The business or commercial property owner must:

  • Provide a copy of the ASHRAE audit report to Holy Cross Energy.
  • Spend an equivalent amount of the audit rebate toward recommended energy efficiency upgrades that will save electricity.

To get started, contact Mary Wiener at Holy Cross Energy, (970) 947-5432 or


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