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Garfield Clean Energy Reports

Prepared by CLEER: Clean Energy Economy for the Region

Annual and quarterly reports update the public and member governments on Garfield Clean Energy's progress in these areas:

  • Residential energy efficiency
  • Residential Revolving Loan Fund
  • Commercial energy efficiency
  • General services
  • Renewables advocacy and solar output
  • GCE partner-specific services
  • Transportation
  • Publicity, marketing and outreach

Garfield Clean Energy
2017 Progress Report:

Economic growth through energy efficiency, alternative fuels
and local power

Energy innovations create countywide economic development

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Garfield Clean Energy 2017 Progress Report

Garfield Clean Energy Quarterly Reports

2017 1st Quarter Report      
2016 1st Quarter Report 2016 2nd Quarter Report 2016 3rd Quarter Report 2016 4th Quarter Report
2015 1st Quarter Report 2015 2nd Quarter Report 2015 3rd Quarter Report 2015 4th Quarter Report
2014 1st Quarter Report 2014 2nd Quarter Report 2014 3rd Quarter Report 2014 4th Quarter Report
2013 1st Quarter Report 2013 2nd Quarter Report 2013 3rd Quarter Report 2013 4th Quarter Report


Garfield Clean Energy Triennial Reports

Triennial reports are condensed reports on the progress of Garfield Clean Energy over three-year periods.

To order free copies of the latest report for 2011-2013, please contact CLEER at (970) 704-9200.

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Progress Report

Dec. 9, 2010

Garfield Clean Energy 2008-2010 Progress Report

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Progress Report

Oct. 18, 2013

2011-2013 Progress Report